7/3/15 Organic Shopping

Wow, Today we woke up to some startling news. My biggest fan texted us and told me that she bought me a 150$ gift card, to my local organic food store. I was shocked. I called her and asked, “How could this be?” And she told me it worked out fine long distance. She just had to give the store a call and give her credit card #, and my name. That’s awesome, isn’t it! Anyways, thanks mom. Lol #momismybiggestfan

gift card
gift card

So the family and I packed our bags and went on a bus trip. I made a short list first before we left of some essentials we needed; eggs, meat, flour, sugar, cheese. And my husband announced he wanted to finally make his corn bread so we put corn meal on the list. Off we went. My husband was more then surprised when I used the calculator in my head to keep track of our whole cart. I even was able to get a few house things, like doggy toe nail clippers and some amazing salve for my neck. I got the bill within 7 dollars of the gift card and saved the rest for future visits.

I got so much stuff that I was so surprised to get besides my list, of course I got my whole list. I got the most amazing cuts of meat I have seen in a while. Eel River Organic Beef Chuck Roast for only 11$, and a Eel River Organic Beef St Luois style Cut Ribs. I am excited, really excited to cook those next week. We were also able to get some amazing artisan chocolate; both a milk chocolate bar and a 85% Dark Bar. I was finally able to buy a bag of bulk chopped dates. Harvest Market actually has the best bulk price in town for them anyways. I got the flour from my list and even better its specialty King Arthur bread flour. We were even to finish off the corn bread meal idea with some cans of chili and some sale ears of white corn. I cant wait, I think we are going to have that for tomorrow’s dinner.

We were even able to get some pizza dough that I have never made before, Boboli, which we are having for dinner. Overall, I am so overwhelmed with food now, I feel so much better. And we are even so set that I do not have to go to the food bank today.

Shopping with the boys was so much fun too; Little man started to be bad when we got into the store, but luckily my husband took him aside, got him a mini cart and recruited him for help. He was pushing more in his mini cart then I was in mine. This was a team effort and he even got to pick out some stuff, he got some Annie’s Kitchen Bunnies that he has always enjoyed and an awesome almond chocolate milk that is really tasty.

I cannot wait to start baking with my bread flour, I have so much butter to work with that I am sure that will bake something great this weekend. Hope you all are having a great 4th of July weekend. We are planning to go to our towns fireworks tomorrow night, but I will still try and post my daily blog before we go out. Have a nice night everyone. And again, Thanks Mom!


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