8/1/15 Carnita’s Casserole

Yesterday I made carnitas casserole. I did not take any pictures of it since I was trying to make a tamale pie and I messed it up by not putting a corn meal bottom. I did however make a very good leftover carnitas filling and top it with a regular corn meal tamale pie topping. I tried to follow the recipe on the back of the corn meal box for tamale pie although I had carnita’s instead of a ground beef mix.

For the filling I combined my leftover carnita’s with a can of black beans, a half of a box of Mexican tomato soup and some salsa. I also diced half an onion into it. I poured and spread the filling into a casserole dish.

For the topping I made a tamale pie corn meal batter according to the box, I used some shredded cheese, some milk, some water, dash of salt and some corn meal. The recipe called for only1/2 of a cup of cheese and evaporated milk, but I put about a cup and a half of cheese and I used half and half.

Of course it was not until after I poured and spread the filling that I realized that I was supposed to put the corn meal mixture on the bottom also and then do the filling and then the topping, I was paying way more attention to the ingredient list than the actual instructions.

Results were edible, in fact very good. But both me and my husband are in agreement over can NOT be referred to as a tamale pie as the fact that it is bottomless and not made right.

Using carnita’s was yummy, I personally really liked how it turned out. My Mexican husband though, thinks it is an Americanized version of tamale pie, since I used the leftover carnita’s. And also because I made it bottomless.

I hope you liked hearing about all my leftover carnita’s adventures. I certainly had fun making more things out of it, then just tacos. Next time I will be sure to take some pictures.


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