8/23/15 Chicken Taco’s and Chorizo Rice

Sunday, 8/23/15

Yesterday I made chicken tacos for dinner. I got the chicken already seasoned from Safeway. It didn’t look too bad to me, but both my husband and my mom questioned the seasoning color and flavor. I should have listened to them. I just wanted to have something in equivalent to the Schwans diced chicken meat, that I did not get on Friday. Oh yea I forgot to tell ya’ll…

My Schwans order did not come on Friday night. I am really upset and disappointment in my service since my delivery person changed. I used to have a BOMB COOL delivery person. Now not so much, I had to call corporate to tell them my order did not come, and now I have to postpone my order for a whole month, to HOPE they could EVER come again. #SchwansIexpectbetter.

So I had to go #gasp Safeway shopping; which granted the food may be just as good as Schwans, but the prices are NOT. Not in the important way, the chicken and other meat sales that I got online from Schwans were nowhere at Safeway, I had a really hard time only spending what I had saved on the card for Schwans. I only had 100$ left. That does not go far at Safeway.

Although, I did manage to get these diced taco meat, to satisfy my craving for chicken taco’s and to use up some tortillas and cheese and sour cream that we had. I was in luck when I got to cooking and I also realized we had some leftover rice and some chorizo that was so dry it needed to be cooked asap. So I combined the two.

I cooked the chorizo and chicken first. The chicken in a steel pan and the chorizo in a cast iron. I cooked the chorizo thoroughly and then added the leftover rice, and mixed and fried it at the same time. I also steamed the chicken. I put the chorizo-rice into a casserole dish when it was fried well, and added some cheese and put it into the broiler. It melted the cheese and I put it out to eat.

With the chicken, everyone was right and although the seasoning tasted good, it was really wet. I had to drain the liquid and batch heat up-pan grill the diced chicken to make it dryer in a hot cast iron. I then put it into another bowl and set it out to make tacos. I covered it with a pie tin to save the heat.

I also did a great #kitchenhack last night and I took pictures. I used two round cake pans, for a makeshift tortilla keeper-warmer. It stayed so hot I was really impressed. When I made the tortillas I made sure to throw them into the keeper fast and hot to save the heat. When I went to make burritos they were still warm.

Here is a picture of the tortilla keeper hack.

closed cake pan 'keeper'
closed cake pan ‘keeper’
open tortilla keeper
open tortilla keeper

Here is a picture of the table setting up the burrito plates, its a little fuzzy sorry.

table; making plates
table; making plates

Here is a  picture of my plate.

my plate
my plate

I hope you enjoyed another day in the life of Boho Mom; cooking and having fun in the kitchen.

❤ ❤



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