Transdermal Herbal Medicine

I have been studying the fountain of youth lately, and its in the form of herbal medicine, and home remedies. I believe that the more knowledge I have and organize about herbs then my family can have the tools in order to feel better and live longer. I will never have the energy or the motivation to categorize and write up everything that I have researched and read, but I can try and save the links; for both a resource to my readers and a list for my personal use. I will try and categorize them accordingly to different remedies.

I recently signed up for an online herbal course here through wellness mama, I am only recently starting to take my herbal medicine more seriously and for the benefit of the whole family.

I have been using herbs for a while and every herbal remedy my husband has tried has worked for him as well. We have had great experience with Kava Kava tincture for pain, Black seed oil for MRSA and Colliodial silver for cuts, and sores. We are as a family investing in herbs and supplements in order to stay more healthy and happy in our lives.

I recently bought some Magnesium flakes for the bath, and incidentally they also clear chlorine from the bath water as well.

I have been making herbal skin salves for the last 4 years and have been also using topicals for my back pain for the last 6 years. I have been researching pain supplements for years and finally came across Curamin a high potency turmeric supplement and I use that for my daily inflammation.

My favorite thing to use for my pain is transdermal medicine,and for me it is the most effective. I have been using herbal salves with arnica, cayanne, ginger, turmeric and even cannibus for a long time. I do not have good results with traditional tiger balm and the common infusions of menthol and camphor so I am considering buying those soon for a personal pain salve recipe.

Here is a picture of my Curamin and the oil that I am going to talk about next;

dmso oil bosweilla and soothanalx2
dmso oil bosweilla and soothanalx2
soothanal x2
soothanal x2
soothalx2 and curamin
soothalx2 and curamin
ingredients of both
ingredients of both

Recently I have come across a substance that has penetrated my skin and delved into my pain signals, called DMSO. I have been using DMSO with other salves for a year or 2 now. I have come to find that transdermal magnesium and DMSO, is the most strongest medicine for my pain.

So I have tried many magnesium sprays, even a sports one with arnica. Most of the magnesium sprays hurt on contact for me, so I am now going to turn to a magnesium bath.

I did however find an amazing DMSO product recently that is worth writing about, although not without due warning. Its called Soothanal x2.

Do not use DMSO, if you do not know how it works for you. And Also I make it a habit to not use it every single night, because its not good for me to get used to all the time.

Here is an article on DMSO.

Soothanal x2 is a Northstar Nutritionals product with the solvent DMSO and 12 different medicinal herb oils infused into it.

Here is the drug facts for soothanal x2.

The other herbs besides cayenne pepper and menthol are listed in the inactive ingredients, but they are far from inactive. This formula is the only oil that I have ever tried that penetrates my trigger point pain and gives it some stimulation.

I have been through a whole lot of pain regiments from narcotics to pain injections and now that I have found something that works better for my pain then trigger point injections of lidocane and or cortizone. The only thing that I feel this formula is missing is some bosweilla, so after I use it I use a few drops of 100% bosweilla as well.

I am amazed to have my pain, touched; and it is a little like putting pepper spray on your body, but for me, cayenne is the best fire to fight my pain with. This formula is nothing like any kind of cayenne cream you can get in stores or perscription, most creams will never get over 1 percentage of cayenne, even in creams that say HP meaning high potency. Soothanal x2 has 20% capsascion and 15% menthol. That’s high potency.

I have yet to find anything stronger for my pain that is an herbal formula. Here are some more links to transdermal care, like salves and bath teas.

Herbal Salves links


Herbal Tea Bath links

There are several herbal shops on etsy that have wonderful blends of tea baths to buy. I will be formulating some bags soon with magnesium flakes in them.


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