Pain Patches and Supplements

Just seconds after hitting the publish button on my latest fibromalgia article, I realized that I forgot a whole section of treatment.

Here is a link to that article :

I am currently in this mode of treatment myself and I am still exploring the options for both supplements and Transdermal pain patches, so this is in no way a complete list of all the Fibromalgia options for both. This list is merely my own that I have come up with in the last few weeks for reason of helping my own pain and combating my own symptoms.

I have not completely finished compiling this list and I am adding to it each day, and only trying to find the highest potency.

Pain Patches aka Herbal Transdermal Medicine

Wholistic patches:

CBD patches:

10 mg


Chinese Patches aka Pastes


Pain/Joint Supplement-Drink links

Best Joint Support Vitamins for 2016 — Healthy Joints and Bones

here is a link to the supplement I already take for my pain;

can also be found in powder form here;



Calcium and D supplements-Drinks

Enzyme and Probiotic Support Drinks


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