The Dark Side of the Force, aka Microbial/Biological Warfare part 1

I have not written a blog in a long while, and to whomever could care, I apologize. I have been learning so much in the last few months since June, and been so busy changing our lifestyle and diet so much, that having the competency to write things down seemed like an impossible task. I have been researching my body symptoms since June. Anyone reading my blogs since than can see the more informed and medically oriented that they have been.

I am successfully now informed enough with my body and my symptoms that I can finally share whats been going on, its taken 2-3 months of strictly reputable medical links to convince me of what is actually going on in my body, and unfortunatly it is the most disturbing results that I have come up with. Things that I could have never imagined or dared to have a nightmare of is going on, and its not something I think that all my readers will want to hear.

So here’s my fair warning; If you like or love, or participate in any of the following things do not read any further in this blog.

Eating Gmo Foods

Drinking unfiltered water

use synthetic cleaning products in your house

use synthetic body products on your body

use pesticides on your plants

taking over the counter or prescription medication that isn’t organic

eat food dye

eat processed food

eating excessive amounts of processed sugar and soda

sitting in inorganic furniture and surrounded by synthetic paint on your walls ( I cant help this one myself but this will soon change…)

Now that I know that your an informed person, because only informed people know not to do those things, maybe then I can share with you what is going on without the risk of sounding insane, but I know there is that inevitable unavoidable risk so here goes anyways.

Whats really going on :

It was in 1826 that French physician  Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote:

Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es. “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

In the last 76 years in American History we changed our diet from good food to processed food and now our bodies have changed.

Here is an livestrong article to explain about the difference,

So since the 50’s what has changed?

Only one explanation GMO foods and crops and the rise of the Dark Side of the Force.

oh maybe I could loose you there but here is some more detailed articles to prove that the dark side of the world is taking over fast then we think.

Morgellons Disease: The Geoengineering Epidemic

Could it be that since the first world war we have been fighting biological warfare and the effects of it? of course.

Here is a link to prove it from my very reliant friends Wikipedia

So here’s a list, of clues from the same article that show signs of biological warfare,

Common epidemiological clues that may signal biological attack

From most specific to least specific:

1. Single cause of a certain disease caused by an uncommon agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation.

2. Unusual, rare, genetically engineered strain of an agent.

3. High morbidity and mortality rates in regards to patients with the same or similar symptoms.

4. Unusual presentation of the disease.

5. Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution.

6. Stable endemic disease, but with an unexplained increase in relevance.

7. Rare transmission (aerosols, food, water).

8. No illness presented in people who were/are not exposed to “common ventilation systems (have separate closed ventilation systems) when illness is seen in persons in close proximity who have a common ventilation system.”

9. Different and unexplained diseases coexisting in the same patient without any other explanation.

10. Rare illness that affects a large, disparate population (respiratory disease might suggest the pathogen or agent was inhaled).

11. Illness is unusual for a certain population or age-group in which it takes presence.

12. Unusual trends of death and/or illness in animal populations, previous to or accompanying illness in humans.

13. Many affected reaching out for treatment at the same time.

14. Similar genetic makeup of agents in effected individuals.

15. Simultaneous collections of similar illness in non-contiguous areas, domestic, or foreign.

16. An abundance of cases of unexplained diseases and deaths.


So here we are in the USA trying to explain the fact that we are all sick in one way or the other.

I am scared to say, but every symptom I have in my body and looked up, can be linked to my body being GMO, and consuming GMO’s for so long made my body acidic and some say that an over acidic body is the cause of ALL disease.

Frankenfood and Frankencrops, lead to Franken-Humans. Which leads to an immune system that is virtually not there at all, and honestly makes us susceptible to just about every franken-zombie idea that they can think of to play with our bodies with.

If we go back to the list in the beginning I had you check off to read this and we go over why you would choose to not do those things, each and every one of those things can be linked back to biological warfare.

The chlorine and fluoride in our water, the pesticides in our food, the way that food is being produced and consumed in an uninformed level, the way that we use synthetic chemicals on everything and virtually are poisoning ourselves and  changing our bodies with every action into Franken-humans.

Programmable franken-humans now too. We as intelligent humans,  have come to realize we are open and transformed by any kind of biological weapon when we are not prepared and I am at least now informed so that I know how to be prepared for the next step.

Again here is an article about how far it has come and a amazing video to follow that can scientifically explain everything that I am trying to touch on.

Here is the video, its a presentation on our current situation that is truth from a scientist, I am currently mind blown that they would allow him to post this truth on the internet, but its all here to hear.


I hope that this post doesn’t loose any followers or change how anyone feels about me, this is only the identification of the issues and I am going to continue to post blogs on how to fight this dna change,.. and how to regain our human structure to be organic again and of the earth’s intentions and not man’s or alien intentions. I am hoping this information will begin to open a few eyes and hopefully create a better sense of community for those who have already opened their eyes, until next post and yes it will be a diy biological first aid kit I will be posting next, until then, beware, BE AWARE.


Boho Mom aka Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun




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