Slur have I?

via Daily Prompt: Slur

Slur have I?

Recently but not lately,

Stumble on annunciation through toxic levels of alcohol?

I ventured down the Slum road of Slur,

Discovered my Mean-ness,

my Bitch gets worse with Slur in hand,

Maybe now realizing;

Slur may not be that fun,

Slur may not be a journey in mind;

a destination of vulgarity.

No Slur is no longer on a pedastool,

No, I cant do the Slur,

Slur may be a sir to some;

a delicate game of give n take-

Ya’ll knowing and experienced with Slur,

will know what to do with him,

but not me, if I ever meet Slur again,

Alone, I don’t know if I’ll live.

But that’s not my plan,

I met with Sir Slur and he was accompanied by the Reeper,

But I was given an angel of mercy,

be it stupidity,

meeting Slur in public or not I’ll never know,…

but an angel saved me from Slur, and

never have I been more

wanting precision

with my every thought, word and intention and breath,

I do not welcome Slur,

I cannot handle Slur, and I declare

to my family,

to my angel of Mercy,

to myself

and the world..

I will not go out

to meet Slur again.





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