The Dark Side of the Force, aka Microbial/Biological Warfare part 1

I have not written a blog in a long while, and to whomever could care, I apologize. I have been learning so much in the last few months since June, and been so busy changing our lifestyle and diet so much, that having the competency to write things down seemed like an impossible task. I have been researching my body symptoms since June. Anyone reading my blogs since than can see the more informed and medically oriented that they have been.

I am successfully now informed enough with my body and my symptoms that I can finally share whats been going on, its taken 2-3 months of strictly reputable medical links to convince me of what is actually going on in my body, and unfortunatly it is the most disturbing results that I have come up with. Things that I could have never imagined or dared to have a nightmare of is going on, and its not something I think that all my readers will want to hear.

So here’s my fair warning; If you like or love, or participate in any of the following things do not read any further in this blog.

Eating Gmo Foods

Drinking unfiltered water

use synthetic cleaning products in your house

use synthetic body products on your body

use pesticides on your plants

taking over the counter or prescription medication that isn’t organic

eat food dye

eat processed food

eating excessive amounts of processed sugar and soda

sitting in inorganic furniture and surrounded by synthetic paint on your walls ( I cant help this one myself but this will soon change…)

Now that I know that your an informed person, because only informed people know not to do those things, maybe then I can share with you what is going on without the risk of sounding insane, but I know there is that inevitable unavoidable risk so here goes anyways.

Whats really going on :

It was in 1826 that French physician  Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote:

Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es. “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

In the last 76 years in American History we changed our diet from good food to processed food and now our bodies have changed.

Here is an livestrong article to explain about the difference,

So since the 50’s what has changed?

Only one explanation GMO foods and crops and the rise of the Dark Side of the Force.

oh maybe I could loose you there but here is some more detailed articles to prove that the dark side of the world is taking over fast then we think.

Morgellons Disease: The Geoengineering Epidemic

Could it be that since the first world war we have been fighting biological warfare and the effects of it? of course.

Here is a link to prove it from my very reliant friends Wikipedia

So here’s a list, of clues from the same article that show signs of biological warfare,

Common epidemiological clues that may signal biological attack

From most specific to least specific:

1. Single cause of a certain disease caused by an uncommon agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation.

2. Unusual, rare, genetically engineered strain of an agent.

3. High morbidity and mortality rates in regards to patients with the same or similar symptoms.

4. Unusual presentation of the disease.

5. Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution.

6. Stable endemic disease, but with an unexplained increase in relevance.

7. Rare transmission (aerosols, food, water).

8. No illness presented in people who were/are not exposed to “common ventilation systems (have separate closed ventilation systems) when illness is seen in persons in close proximity who have a common ventilation system.”

9. Different and unexplained diseases coexisting in the same patient without any other explanation.

10. Rare illness that affects a large, disparate population (respiratory disease might suggest the pathogen or agent was inhaled).

11. Illness is unusual for a certain population or age-group in which it takes presence.

12. Unusual trends of death and/or illness in animal populations, previous to or accompanying illness in humans.

13. Many affected reaching out for treatment at the same time.

14. Similar genetic makeup of agents in effected individuals.

15. Simultaneous collections of similar illness in non-contiguous areas, domestic, or foreign.

16. An abundance of cases of unexplained diseases and deaths.


So here we are in the USA trying to explain the fact that we are all sick in one way or the other.

I am scared to say, but every symptom I have in my body and looked up, can be linked to my body being GMO, and consuming GMO’s for so long made my body acidic and some say that an over acidic body is the cause of ALL disease.

Frankenfood and Frankencrops, lead to Franken-Humans. Which leads to an immune system that is virtually not there at all, and honestly makes us susceptible to just about every franken-zombie idea that they can think of to play with our bodies with.

If we go back to the list in the beginning I had you check off to read this and we go over why you would choose to not do those things, each and every one of those things can be linked back to biological warfare.

The chlorine and fluoride in our water, the pesticides in our food, the way that food is being produced and consumed in an uninformed level, the way that we use synthetic chemicals on everything and virtually are poisoning ourselves and  changing our bodies with every action into Franken-humans.

Programmable franken-humans now too. We as intelligent humans,  have come to realize we are open and transformed by any kind of biological weapon when we are not prepared and I am at least now informed so that I know how to be prepared for the next step.

Again here is an article about how far it has come and a amazing video to follow that can scientifically explain everything that I am trying to touch on.

Here is the video, its a presentation on our current situation that is truth from a scientist, I am currently mind blown that they would allow him to post this truth on the internet, but its all here to hear.


I hope that this post doesn’t loose any followers or change how anyone feels about me, this is only the identification of the issues and I am going to continue to post blogs on how to fight this dna change,.. and how to regain our human structure to be organic again and of the earth’s intentions and not man’s or alien intentions. I am hoping this information will begin to open a few eyes and hopefully create a better sense of community for those who have already opened their eyes, until next post and yes it will be a diy biological first aid kit I will be posting next, until then, beware, BE AWARE.


Boho Mom aka Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun




Pain Patches and Supplements

Just seconds after hitting the publish button on my latest fibromalgia article, I realized that I forgot a whole section of treatment.

Here is a link to that article :

I am currently in this mode of treatment myself and I am still exploring the options for both supplements and Transdermal pain patches, so this is in no way a complete list of all the Fibromalgia options for both. This list is merely my own that I have come up with in the last few weeks for reason of helping my own pain and combating my own symptoms.

I have not completely finished compiling this list and I am adding to it each day, and only trying to find the highest potency.

Pain Patches aka Herbal Transdermal Medicine

Wholistic patches:

CBD patches:

10 mg


Chinese Patches aka Pastes


Pain/Joint Supplement-Drink links

Best Joint Support Vitamins for 2016 — Healthy Joints and Bones

here is a link to the supplement I already take for my pain;

can also be found in powder form here;



Calcium and D supplements-Drinks

Enzyme and Probiotic Support Drinks

Alternative Modes of Treatment for Fibro and (DGS) Piriformis/Sciatica Pain

Today I am going to write about alternative modes of therapy for back and buttocks pain, also referred to as Fibromalgia and sciatica pain. I will explain some symptoms and treatments.

I am not a doctor, I am not trying to play one on the internet. I am only finding useful information ie, tools and links explaining the things that have happened to my body and pain I go through on a daily basis. I am only sharing this information for two purposes, to organize the links that I have found and to help anyone else that suffers the same pain that I do.

I am not certified as anything. I am only a really good internet searcher and have dedicated the last 3 weeks to finding out what was happening in my body and thankfully saved as many links as I could. Now that my bookmarks are flooded with medical journals and things, I need to clear it out and categorize everything. As most of these alternative modes are new to me, I cannot review them individually.

This post is purely informational and not opinion on these modes of therapy. I have no idea what any of these modes feel like or cost in a doctors office, which is why most of these modes of therapy I have found a home unit that is portable for. Not saying that I am going to go out and shock myself without studying how to do it, but the portable machines are affordable and cheaper then some medical procedures such as back surgery.

I am not under the care of a pain doctor right now, and I have used medical treatments in the past, like trigger point injections and chiropractic work to manage my pain. Since I do not have either one of those treatments available right now, I am researching alternative modes of reconstructing my back and managing my Fibromalgia and sciatica pain. I should also note that I have the cheapest home TENS unit and it seems to work well to block the pain, that is why there is more TENS links then the other treatments. I have written only a little about my pain, but it is a huge part of my life.

Here is some basic information on Fibromalgia, after that I will explain the sciatica nerve pain.

First off, here is an explanation for increased pain in the hip region and pelvic area. I have been experiencing severe sciatica pain that is caught up in the buttocks muscles and shoots down my legs, most people would say this as sciatica pain, but with a few more symptoms involved like pain when getting up and down and pain when sitting down, it can be seen as Piriformis Syndrome.

Here are some definitive links on Piriformis Syndrome. Also called DGS (Deep Gluteal Syndrome),these are the links that I have saved because they have the most information.

This next article in particular will explain it if you need good pictures to see.

Here are some symptoms of Piriformis Sydrome.


Here are some alternative resources for treatments for both Fibromalgia and Piriformis Syndrome. I will include alternative home machines later. Some of the links will be doubles as they have both symptom and treatment information.

Here are some more informational and product links on individual therapies.

I would myself like to try them in the order listed from top to bottom until one treatment will work. I hope I do not have to go all the way down the list to feel better.

Alternative modes of Treatment; Fibromalgia with Piriformis Syndrome

Wholistic treatment;

Physical therapy aka stretches

Heat therapy

Ultrasound aka high frequency sound waves

Light-Laser therapy

Electrotherapy, aka Shockwave

This next link is very informational if you need to understand all the modes of shock therapy;

-Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)60-200 Hz





Devices I am sharing are all different but some combine all 4 modes of therapy or more

Do note that the large medical grade units are over 4,000$ in the USA and less in other countries.

I have tried to find units that cover every electrotherapy mode, that are not 4,000, easy to read and use on yourself at home.

Here are some affordable links for multi-use electrotherapy home units;

I think from them all I like the look of this one the best:

the 4,000 $ units are here btw.

Again, I do not know much about these units except what I have learned on the internet, but I do know how long it took me to find them, and honestly I would hope that no one would ever have to search as long as I did, so I am glad I could put them together.

I am also going to share some images that I have found to be really helpful in locating some of the symptoms in those beginning links.

If you click them you can enlarge them.

06-4 Radiculopathy spinal-nerve-distribution-s


If all that was too scientific here is a small short youtube video from the PiriStretch company that explains a whole lot.


Transdermal Herbal Medicine

I have been studying the fountain of youth lately, and its in the form of herbal medicine, and home remedies. I believe that the more knowledge I have and organize about herbs then my family can have the tools in order to feel better and live longer. I will never have the energy or the motivation to categorize and write up everything that I have researched and read, but I can try and save the links; for both a resource to my readers and a list for my personal use. I will try and categorize them accordingly to different remedies.

I recently signed up for an online herbal course here through wellness mama, I am only recently starting to take my herbal medicine more seriously and for the benefit of the whole family.

I have been using herbs for a while and every herbal remedy my husband has tried has worked for him as well. We have had great experience with Kava Kava tincture for pain, Black seed oil for MRSA and Colliodial silver for cuts, and sores. We are as a family investing in herbs and supplements in order to stay more healthy and happy in our lives.

I recently bought some Magnesium flakes for the bath, and incidentally they also clear chlorine from the bath water as well.

I have been making herbal skin salves for the last 4 years and have been also using topicals for my back pain for the last 6 years. I have been researching pain supplements for years and finally came across Curamin a high potency turmeric supplement and I use that for my daily inflammation.

My favorite thing to use for my pain is transdermal medicine,and for me it is the most effective. I have been using herbal salves with arnica, cayanne, ginger, turmeric and even cannibus for a long time. I do not have good results with traditional tiger balm and the common infusions of menthol and camphor so I am considering buying those soon for a personal pain salve recipe.

Here is a picture of my Curamin and the oil that I am going to talk about next;

dmso oil bosweilla and soothanalx2
dmso oil bosweilla and soothanalx2
soothanal x2
soothanal x2
soothalx2 and curamin
soothalx2 and curamin
ingredients of both
ingredients of both

Recently I have come across a substance that has penetrated my skin and delved into my pain signals, called DMSO. I have been using DMSO with other salves for a year or 2 now. I have come to find that transdermal magnesium and DMSO, is the most strongest medicine for my pain.

So I have tried many magnesium sprays, even a sports one with arnica. Most of the magnesium sprays hurt on contact for me, so I am now going to turn to a magnesium bath.

I did however find an amazing DMSO product recently that is worth writing about, although not without due warning. Its called Soothanal x2.

Do not use DMSO, if you do not know how it works for you. And Also I make it a habit to not use it every single night, because its not good for me to get used to all the time.

Here is an article on DMSO.

Soothanal x2 is a Northstar Nutritionals product with the solvent DMSO and 12 different medicinal herb oils infused into it.

Here is the drug facts for soothanal x2.

The other herbs besides cayenne pepper and menthol are listed in the inactive ingredients, but they are far from inactive. This formula is the only oil that I have ever tried that penetrates my trigger point pain and gives it some stimulation.

I have been through a whole lot of pain regiments from narcotics to pain injections and now that I have found something that works better for my pain then trigger point injections of lidocane and or cortizone. The only thing that I feel this formula is missing is some bosweilla, so after I use it I use a few drops of 100% bosweilla as well.

I am amazed to have my pain, touched; and it is a little like putting pepper spray on your body, but for me, cayenne is the best fire to fight my pain with. This formula is nothing like any kind of cayenne cream you can get in stores or perscription, most creams will never get over 1 percentage of cayenne, even in creams that say HP meaning high potency. Soothanal x2 has 20% capsascion and 15% menthol. That’s high potency.

I have yet to find anything stronger for my pain that is an herbal formula. Here are some more links to transdermal care, like salves and bath teas.

Herbal Salves links


Herbal Tea Bath links

There are several herbal shops on etsy that have wonderful blends of tea baths to buy. I will be formulating some bags soon with magnesium flakes in them.

HomeBrewing Cordials and Sodas

Lately, I have been researching herbal sodas, cordials and ciders. I have been experimenting with fresh fruits to make fruit syrup with tea infusions and making them carbonated with my ginger bug, or my newly acquired distillers yeast.

Here is a link to my ginger bug post;

I have been doing so much research that I thought it was worth sharing my research in a well organized blog, so here goes. I have so much information that I hope that I can organize it.

To see the definition of different herbal preparations, like teas, tinctures, elixers, and tonics; see the following links.

My initial experience with herbs for the last couple years, I have delved into decoctions and teas, so trying to go for a herbal soda did not seem that hard to try. I recently bought a good supply of herbs to get this project and my supplies started.

I bought some root herbs for my experiments like Dandelion Root, Burdock Root.

My husband bought me some stainless steel pots; a set of a 6,12,14,16 quarts so I can make any size infusion that I need. I am excited because I am starting to collect reusable bottles for saving soda in the fridge as well.

I am now working on making home brews of cordials and decoctions with carbonation somehow.

Here are some pictures of my experiments lately.

Strawberry Ginger Soda
Strawberry Ginger Soda
Strawberry Cordial and Elderberry cough syrup
Strawberry Cordial and Elderberry cough syrup
Blackberry Cider
Blackberry Cider
blackberry yeast foam on blackberry cider
blackberry yeast foam on blackberry cider

I have found some amazing research ie recipes on some old herbal decoctions and infusions.



Homemade soda

Root beer links

Herbal brews links

Specialty teas

Elixers and honeys

Introduction to my Herbal Education

My personal experience with herbs is exactly that, personal. I hesitate to share my experience with what I have learned and tried because everybody’s experience could be different than mine. I have a very high tolerance for some herbs, like say; a cup of chamomile tea for me, doesn’t do much in way of calming me down, but adding more ingredients to it seems to do the trick. Although for some chamomile tea could be all they could need to have a better nights sleep.

So in no way in any form am I a certified doctor or herbalist yet,nor am I in any way qualified to diagnose or prescribe anything; I have just some experience with some herbs and so much experience that I need to write it all down in a organized fashion to remember it all.

That saying some herbs in my opinion are mild and some are extreme. I have used them for different things for myself for many years and am now confident in herbs enough to have my family be healed by them as well. I have only a limited handful of experience with herbs and am no way educated in the wide realm of them all and all their many uses.

I have studied western herbal medicine for only about 5 years along with being a mother and a wife and trying to be healthy in both. I have realized that food is powerful medicine and herbs are powerful medicine as well. I have shifted my families eating practices for the last 5 ½ years in the more organic and fresh direction and at the same time come to realize that everything we do and put into our bodies affects it.

That being said in the same amount of time that I have shifted our eating I have tried to make my family healthy by giving them food and herbs that would make us healthier people. I actually have been working with fresh herbs from the farmers market like burdock root, nettles, lemon balm and sorrel since 2012. I am glad to say that I am returning to trying to always have herbal remedies on hand and in a more involved way now that I am becoming more educated in herbs.

I have been making tea brew since then as well. I have started a goal of making a great sleepytime brew for myself since 2012 and have been adding ingredients to it ever since. I have chronic insomnia and only recently have asked big pharma doctors with help with it. I have been combating my insomnia with herbs for about 6 years, and glad to say that I now always have the best and strongest herbal medicine on hand to combat it.

Ever since I had my son 6 years ago, I have been working on more transdermal medicine aka salves, learning about how to heal his toddler excema naturally was my goal and we combated it with homemade salve from flowers and leaves that we grew ourselves. Ever since I have been making my own herbal salves and they all have different uses.

I have posted previous blogs on how to  make herbal salves here.


I also have chronic back pain, inflammation, and nerve problems so I have been using herbs to combat those problems as well.

Most recently I have enrolled in an online herbal remedies course from my online wellness idol, @wellnessmama and I am very happy to have more recipes for my home apothocary coming from her as well. I like adding my favorite herbs to her recipes and reading about how other home herbalist make things as well.

Here is a picture of the Herbal books I have studied over the last 6-8 years, I have absorbed so much information that it is really hard to catalog everything I have learned into only 1-2 blogs, I am sure I will have to write several blogs to share all the things I have learned about certain remedies and solutions to things, but to start I will start a list here of the herbs I have alot-little experience with and the ones I am learning about now.


In the last couple weeks I have also been trying to combat my husbands chronic asthma and my sons chronic constipation, so I have little experience those herbs but I am learning more each day.

Herbs for Insomnia:

Chamomile (mild)

Passion Flower (mild)

Skullcap (strong)

Valerian (extreme)

Kava kava (extreme)

Lemon balm (mild)

Herbs for Inflammation

Turmeric (mild-strong depending on dose)

White Willow Bark (mild-strong depending on dose)

Bosweilla (strong)

cayanne pepper (strong depending on dose)

Arnica (mild to strong depending on dose)

Calendula (mild)

Herbs for Nerve pain

Kava Kava (extreme)

Skullcap (mild)

Herbs for Lung help

Lobelia (strong)

Mullien (strong)

Elcampane (mild)

Herbs for constipation

Slippery Elm (mild)

Marshmallow Root(mild to strong)

Psyllium Husk( strong)

Here are my other blogs on herbs that I have written so far.


I have only begun to be working with the lung and the tummy herbs, although my experience dealing with my pain and sleep issues I have been working on for a while. I will work on maybe sharing my favorite combination of sleepytime herbs in tea form as soon as possible, either in sharing the recipe or selling bags of combination teas myself.

I am now making progress in making Aqua Medica aka medicine water, aka stronger tea infusions for both my family and I for our ailments. I will continue to try and document what works and what doesn’t. I have come to find that small doses of Lobelia for my husbands asthma has begun to help him more then his prescription abuteral inhaler.


I am still working on making some constipation infusions for the family as well. This is only the start to a healthy herbal assisted life.

Homemade ‘Ginger Bug’ Strawberry Soda

So I have to begin this post, by admitting that I do not ever give myself enough credit for my foodie experiments and successes. So that saying, with or without the great hd pictures or sound bytes to prove it, I am going to give myself credit for making a bottle of homemade soda the other day.

My husband cant let it get past me when I do have a success, and this one was pretty darn cool, so of course I have to blog about it.

I did make a bottle of Homemade Soda.

With bubbles. The bubbles actually got thicker the longer we let it sit in the bottle.

No buying of carbonation tabs, which I could have bought. Here;

No buying fizzy tabs; which honestly are the coolest thing I have found in a long time, link here;

No, I fermented organic ginger.

I Bottled up some grated ginger root that I found at the food bank fed it some sugar, and left it in a really small jar with water.

grated ginger
grated ginger

After 5 days it was ready to use and make soda with.

I loosely used this recipe here for my idea, since I had some fresh Strawberries;

Cultured Strawberry Soda

Here is a picture of my soda and my mini bottle of culture on the first night.

1st night strawberry soda
1st night strawberry soda
mini bottle of 7 day old bug and new jar of 2 day old bug
mini bottle of 7 day old bug and new jar of 2 day old bug


Adding some of my ‘ginger bug’ culture at the end of an infusion seemed too easy for me. And making a fruit juice is insanely easy just seeping fresh fruit like tea for a while and maybe adding some sweetener if you want to it. I bottled it up in a old jar with a cork, and we actually prematurely started to enjoy it the night of making it, so got some minimal bubbles but they were inside of it, the next day more bubbles and a louder ‘pop’ of the cork, and the third morning, this morning, it ‘popped’ so loud, that I was actually proud enough of my experiment to try it again and again.

So I have another ginger bug in the making now, and more sodas to come. I am really excited though because for the best and most exciting news is…


I was the most happiest to hear that my ‘ginger bug’ soda, did not give my husband a bad aftertaste, or any bad taste for that matter of ginger whatsoever, in fact he is asking for me to make more asap. I am so enthused cause the benefits of drinking lacto fermented ginger soda are great for the whole family. And since everyone liked my first bottle, I am sure to start some more, in fact I need to go disinfect some old bottles now for my next batch. My older ginger bug is happy and ready to make another batch of soda for me.

Here are some of the more interesting ‘ginger bug’ recipes I have found lately.

Organic Fermented Ginger Bug Soda Recipe

Fermented Elderberry and Honey Soda

Natural Ginger Ale

Take it to the Dogs; a List of 7 holistic things you can do for yourself and your dog..

I never really realized I was a dog lover, until I got a dog. I have had Prince Charles since a week before I got pregnant with my son, and my son is turning 6 this friday. I have been through a whole lot with this dog, been through hundreds of different dog foods; to realize that roasted sweet potato, eggs and coconut oil is all he really needs.

I have come to realize he is very sensitive and prone to more symptoms like yeast infections and fungal infections from contact flea bites. We have figured out which essential oils that the fleas do not like and found out that all he really needs for a bath is a oatmeal and eucalyptus oil shampoo to make him feel and smell good to us and bad to the fleas.

Its been a long while with charlie, and I was in the process of writing an article about things that help my family, when I realized that these things help charlie as well. He’s a part of the family and I know all your animals are a part of yours, maybe some of these things will help.

Here are a few pictures of him..

charlie,santa and I, Dec 2015
charlie,santa and I, Dec 2015
prince charles
prince charles

Black Seed Oil; is good for both humans and dogs. If you do not know much about it yet, you can read about the benefits of it in the following links.


Earthpaste and Oil Pulling. My family and I use a toothpaste called Earthpaste, and I even found a few links for homemade toothpaste for dogs. Oil pulling can eliminate toxins in your body and its a great thing to do for your health.


Coconut oil; Coconut oil is good for so many things, you can use it for oil pulling. you can fry food with it for yourself, and personally I bake with it for both the family and the dog.


Essential Oils aka herbs and supplements; You may not have a stash of herbal oils like we do, but its great for you to know the essential herbs and supplements for yourself and to know which ones are ok for your pet to smell, and or have around them. Always consult with your local vet before giving your dog herbal supplements of anykind.

Heres a few great infographics for help;





Salt Scrub; we make our own salt scrub for exfoliating, but did you know that animals can benefit from having a scrub down as well.

Check out some of these links for how to make a scrub for yourself, and the last one for a homemade dog scrub. You can use your knowledge of essential oils for animals and make sure to always dilute the oils for animal.


Homemade Salve; I love making herbal salve, my link to my recipe is here;

 I also have a great turmeric Salve recipe that I use on our dog when he has bad skin break outs, which can be made just like the calendula one here;


Flax and Chia Seed; My son and I love baking with flax and chia seed, its so good for your health. Surprisingly its also very good for dogs as well. I love making my dog a chia and or flax meal baked treat aka doggie biscuit.


 Turmeric : Turmeric is great for humans, you can see my post about how here;

I also find that its great to share with our dog. He is getting older, so I use a turmeric salve on him occasionaly.

Calendula Salve

Today I made Calendula Salve.

Here are a few links about Calendula, If you did not know about it already.


The Ingredients that I used were:

Infused olive oil with Calendula Petals 2 small jars

infusing Calendula Petals
infusing Calendula Petals

Shea Butter


Coconut Oil



I melted each of the ingredients together in amounts to my own preference.

I used more Beeswax to keep it really hard and make sure it will stay a while.

I used small amounts of Shea Butter and only a teaspoon of coconut oil for this batch.



hot orange salve on the stove
hot orange salve on the stove

I poured the hot oil into clean containers and let it cool down.

Here is a picture of the finished product.

Calendula Salve
Calendula Salve

I only used Petals for this batch to see if I could make a more ‘orange’ color and I am very happy that indeed it turned out a nice gold. My previous Calendula Salves I have used both the petals and the leaves, as you can see in the infusion pictures that I have a jar of leaves sitting, but the leaves do make the salve green.