Mome Rath’s Journey- NAPOWRIMO Day 25


Twas milly, and the second time,

the mome rathes were angry and ready to feed,

they thrashed and kicked in the boxes,

till at last they escaped their wretched condition.


Passing the borogoves this time free, released from captivity,

they asked for directions to the castle of Nim,

yet were lost for 10 days and 10 nights until they reached it.


The wabe was dark, the toves were quiet and all they could think of-

was the feast of hurmilabob when they got there;

they were sure the queen would greet them with respect and festivities,

for their journey was treacherous and long

and never a nibble was taken along the way,

they persevered and had made it home.


Mome Rathes were happy and finally home again.

At last back with their queen,

and the feast of Hurmilabob was ready to begin.


NaPoWriMo Day 21 “Cinder Girl Poem”

You feed me twigs,

You feed me sticks,

You fall asleep upon my bricks.


You little cinder girl,

Always doing others will,

Who knows so little for yourself,

how can you ever know your own worth?


You may get some luck,

from a fairy who will dress you up,

take you away from my hearth,

take you to a castles, and princes and people and mirth,

but will you ever know your own worth?


Stay by my side,

Learn your own way,

Even though the prince in the castle wants you to stay.


Cinderella In The Corner; Illustration

You will be better Little Cinder Child,

If you learn to love yourself, be willing;

and not just do others bidding.






NaPoWriMo Day 24 “Whist Walking in my Abode…”

What doth thou findan when thou enter my abode?

doth hast a smell that you detest?

The wet dog on the dirty couch, perhaps?

Thine dishes stacked in the sink,

thine garbage overflowing?


Dost thou discover the sticky mess in the corner?

The bathhouse sink over yonder

hast a lego stuck betwixt the pipes,

wherefore it doth form a plug in it.


Doth thou findan the dirty hair

balled up in the bathhouse corner

from all the dog baths?


Doth thy loath my livings?

Dost bethink it quant?


Do not hold carelessly my abode,

hark! it is my only home,

methinks it never be clean anyways. =)




NaPoWriMo Day 19 “How to be a Princess”

I wrote this back in 2008, but it seems appropriate to finally share for this prompt.

Princess Rules 101

  1. Speak when spoken to; unless of course your aren’t supposed to interact with this member of your kingdom. In that case be pleasantly inaudibly persistent in refusing conversation.
  2. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It helps to know all the languages of your kingdom, and neighboring kingdoms, and all the cultures and body language.
  3. Think before you speak, as goes with number 2.
  4. Present Perfect Poise, Posture and be positive.
  5. Cook and have a specialty meal your Prince will soon love.
  6. Knowledge is Power and you must be a scholar to be respected as the upcoming queen of your kingdom.
  7. Although the situation rarely occurs, be prepared to live simply outside your palace walls, aka know how to live simply in your own kingdom.
  8. Be cautious yet polite to strangers.
  9. Know magic, fighting, gardening and especially history.
  10. Remember everything happens for a reason, and trust your instincts.

NaPoWriMo Day 15

I do not mind being that couple,

that no understands,


I do not mind being that couple,

that likes to be alone,


I do not mind being that couple,

that most people secretly envy,


I do not mind being that couple,

Bonny and Clyde,

Lucy and Ricky,


whatever they think we may be like,

I do not mind being that couple;


cause it means I will always be with you.

NaPoWriMo Day 11

I remember the wood,

I remember the feel of the concrete floor;

it was really cold, but not at night with a sleeping bag and a tent.

I remember the door,

I remember the other doors,

I remember the back, I remember the yard,

I remember the house; you having a party,

I remember the heater the shower and the static on the TV,

I remember falling in love with your music on the headphones that night,

thinking your intelligence was beyond anyone’s I had ever met before,

I remember sleeping by your side;

in the house, in the garage, in the shed, on the shelf..

slowing burning memory of the ‘chop shop’ in my head forever..

and finding true love in the most unlikely of places.


NaPoWriMo Day 8 ‘Flower’

Sometimes it seems

like I am a bit obsessed

with learning all the flowers.


I memorize names and uses

leave shapes and petal counts,

but I seem to get really excited..

when I come to find my favorite one right now,



I know it may not seem like much to you,

you may think that its a weed, or not of a use,

But not me.


I love Calendula;

its young petals and matured flowers.


I dry as much as I can get and preserve its oils,

making salve for my family and I to use.


It helps too many things to name,

as to why I love it so much.


Its the plant that keeps on giving,

easy to grow and cultivate,

I don’t have to wait years,

for a root to mature,

or a flower to bloom,

its constantly blooming,

even loving its deadheads off,

which you can then save for use.


I may not have the most beautiful words

to show my love;

but God, Myself and mother Earth knows

how much I truly love Calendula.



For some more Calendula fun see my post on making Salve here:


Streets are behind me…

The Streets are behind me

Living on them

being a part of them,

smelling them,

Hearing them.

Knowing each and every one of them,

How they breathe,

How they work,

who frequents each one,

and when they frequent them.


The streets are behind me,

Sitting on their benches,

Selling my soul in Artwork,

Begging for compassion.


Strength was given to me,

on those streets.

Hope was engraved within me,

on those streets.

Change started to brew inside me,

on those streets.

Becoming who I was meant to be,

Loving how I was meant to love,

Being who I was meant to be with,

if only for being a part of

those streets.


The streets are behind me,

but I still walk new ones,

like I know them,

like I have the right to know them,

getting to know them slowly,

but never as well as,

those old streets.


I’ve dealt with changes-

in weather,

in mental health,

in my body,

in my life-

and all while being

on those streets.


Had fetuses taken away from me,

from the spirits of the streets,

on the streets,

aka suffered miscarriages of epic pain,

while being on the streets.


I was also given redemption,

and a full term child to find a better life with,

while being on the streets.


The streets are behind US,

My love and I have a beautiful child,

from being in love,

on those streets.


The streets are behind US,

Years of agony,

years of hope,

years of waiting for something different,

years, decades;

time spent on

the streets are behind US.





NaPoWriMo Day 1

I have been writing Poetry,

for 15 years,

Never heard of a Lune.


Not that I am not Open,

for more Styles,

just never tried it before.


maybe it could be easy,

word count wise,

Syllables would be quite impossible tho.


Time will tell if I like

this crazy style

could get used to it,

after a while…

Why don’t you wait to

see if I

use it in my poetry…