Slur have I?

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Slur have I?

Recently but not lately,

Stumble on annunciation through toxic levels of alcohol?

I ventured down the Slum road of Slur,

Discovered my Mean-ness,

my Bitch gets worse with Slur in hand,

Maybe now realizing;

Slur may not be that fun,

Slur may not be a journey in mind;

a destination of vulgarity.

No Slur is no longer on a pedastool,

No, I cant do the Slur,

Slur may be a sir to some;

a delicate game of give n take-

Ya’ll knowing and experienced with Slur,

will know what to do with him,

but not me, if I ever meet Slur again,

Alone, I don’t know if I’ll live.

But that’s not my plan,

I met with Sir Slur and he was accompanied by the Reeper,

But I was given an angel of mercy,

be it stupidity,

meeting Slur in public or not I’ll never know,…

but an angel saved me from Slur, and

never have I been more

wanting precision

with my every thought, word and intention and breath,

I do not welcome Slur,

I cannot handle Slur, and I declare

to my family,

to my angel of Mercy,

to myself

and the world..

I will not go out

to meet Slur again.





What I learned in 2016; a birthday revelation

Things I learned in 2016, aka “happy, healthy, laughy, smiley, dancey…all I ever want to be!”

There is only one thing that you need to know when you are on the way to wellness.

The number one reason for all dis-ease is our body being too acidic.

Recently back in May 2016, I realized this while researching my fibro symptoms and becoming an herbalist.

I started off my research on this website and it changed my life.

I read a whole lot of different diets before and fads in my day, but never have I ever read anyone referring to food as ‘dead’ or ‘alive’ before.

And finally I realized that my specialty baking of “Pasta, Pizza and Pies!” was really translated to “Fat, Gluten and thighs…” lol I realized that all my favorite foods to make aka all my favorite foods of 2014 and 2015, were basically reconstructing my dna in a very GMO and gluten way. As soon as I made this revelation of “paste bombs”I also found something called the Candida Fungus, and explained to my family that every time we ate Gluten, Sugar or Dairy it was “feeding the dark side of the force.”

See my best nine instagrams of 2015 to understand our diet from then.


I put my family what would be called a very strict ‘candida detox and cleanse’.

We started with the candida diet. We went from ordering mail order ice cream and spending 150$ a month in dairy, coffee, butter, and flour, before all this;To not buying them at all. We quit caffeine for about 3 months and also dairy of any sort. We were down to less then a pound of butter a month, and the only dairy I allowed in the house was requirement to be ‘cultured’, so yogurt and sour cream were like ice cream for a while. Lol

Without buying the gimmicks I followed this amazing blogger that teaches about Candida here :

We quit pork, and stuck to just eggs, and beef, substituting with beans when we were out. Beans are not usually in that diet but we are now beanheads anyways. It was the cheapest alternative to meat.

We figured out some other alternatives that are not usually promoted for candida but honestly it saved our detox in many ways, such as honey. Any and all sugar is usually not something to do for candida, but we were consuming the Raw Local Honey for the Enzymes to help our detox, so I allowed it. And honestly for a quitting sugar transition, honey with local enzymes is a really smart alternative, our sugar consumption even now is reduced from this whole process and its now 2017.

new foods we eat now
new foods we eat now
bulk food oatmeal rice and beans all 25 lbs
bulk food oatmeal rice and beans all 25 lbs
32 ounce hot sauce
32 ounce hot sauce

We did our detox from May 2016 to now and by October 2016, My whole family shed unexplainable poundage. My husband and I both lost 40 lbs without working out or leaving the house.

We were both an ungodly 180 lbs and are both down to a healthy 130 now. We lost all our dairy fat and wheat bellies we called them. All our jellylike fat is gone and our muscles are ready for toning of the exercise sort.

We all changed the way that we drink water and the way that we use water as well. Which I will get into later. We started using essential oils in our daily regime and also detoxed our house by spraying them everywhere. We cured our dog of his skin problems with essential oils and realized the importance of certain herbs into our everyday diet.

line of essential oils i made from 2016
line of essential oils i made from 2016
arnica oil and oregano oil
arnica oil and oregano oil
garden herb salve i made
garden herb salve i made
row of infusions in the window
row of infusions in the window
making face masks
making face masks

We now eat raw garlic, oregano, turmeric and other raw herbs each and everyday for better health.

We quit sugar mainstream sodas, in fact, making my lacto fermented sodas were a huge part of the probiotic part of our diet and detox, for a while we were even feeling bad when I was not making them.

watermelon mint detox drink
watermelon mint detox drink
fermenting rasberry soda
fermenting rasberry soda
making teas-sodas
making teas-sodas

Heres a link to that fun;

The difference in our water now is that it is also not dead anymore. The second best diet change that we did besides changing our acid bodies, was drinking and bathing in ph water. We obtained water bottles with a mineral/rock filter that balances the ph and alkalines our drinking water, we have never felt better, since changing our water. And we also bought amazing ph balanced shower heads, so we were not bathing or showering in hard water anymore. We went through an 8 lb bag of magnesium flakes in the bath to make it soft water, until we figured out the shower heads, which I will share here. They literally changed our skin into ph, and we were able to detox from the outside in as well as the inside out.

our shower head
our shower head

Heres a link to the water bottles and shower heads;

I am now realizing that each and every little thing we put on and in and around our bodies affect us. And everything has its own vibration, even the food that we eat, the ground we walk on and especially our physical bodies.

Our physical bodies at our abnormal weight were screaming for a detox/diet change and lifestyle change. It started the summer before my son started 1st grade so we had him say he did a “lifestyle change” over summer. We not only changed our diet, we detoxed our home, detoxed our dog and even changed the way that we think about the world.

I am turning 28 today, and FINALLY able to say that I am through my astrological journey of the saturn cycle. I have had a very rough detox year, lost a whole lot of weight and even realized more things about myself than I could ever imagine. I finally am ok with who I was as a child, and therefore able to accept who I am today and everything that I have been through until this point.

I can honestly blame a couple reasons for our ‘mindset’ change, and I recommend it for anyone looking for change. We are more aware of everything around us, and like I said before the vibrations of everything. This past year 2016 was the year of the gemstones.

Yea, once we detoxed we started to collect minerals and gemstones, imagine holding a rock, that makes you feel better. Imagine having a bag of rocks around your neck, that not only helps you feel better, but helps you heal faster and communicate more clearly. Well thats the power of gemstones. We discovered an amazing price online a few months ago, for minerals and gemstones here and there and now our personal collections are insane. Our lifes change every time we get a new lot of stone in, we have even been given a few pieces and every rock in our house, has changed our life for the better.

Here are a few amazing shots of some of our collection, which has shrunk and grown in the past few months; a few stones are missing, and a few have been missing then found, but our collection ‘harmonizes’ the house, even when we cant locate them.

cyrstal aura picture we captured
cyrstal aura picture we captured
gemstone grids
gemstone grids
his and hers medicine bags
his and hers medicine bags

Now my husband has been influenced by the ‘gems’ so much that his creative brain is on overload mode, from a man who honestly has only done about 2-3 creative projects in the last 3 years; he has started more projects creatively then I can even name here. He started to copper wrap the gemstones and make jewelry, he started to bend copper pipe and wire into house harmonizer vortexes, he started to work with clay again and has made figures with gemstone eyes and teeth now, he started to make music again; this is amazing, to see him create. I have been with him for 10 years now, working on year 11 for 2017, and I have never seen him have this kind of surge of creative energy, its from the gemstones I swear.

Its also from detoxing, when you feel better and can reach your own toes to tie your own shoes, and your wheat belly is gone without a single crunch or plank, you get happy. Just a little, lol. I am so happy to be over my saturn cycle, I feel reconstructed, rejuvenated and re energized, I feel re birthed from 2016.

So to put it all into perspective,

2016 caused me to seek knowledge, seek truth about my body and mind.

2016 made me google more things then I can even explain and cause me to have a paradigm shift in my learning, I am now a home remedy herbalist, and I DO feel confident to say that.

2016 brought me a bigger picture perspective, and also awarded me with gemstones, linking me to the astral realm, and well as mother earth.

2016 brought me an understanding of my body and my families; I no longer have ANY of my previous fibromalgia symptoms and even cut my husbands big pharma pills by half their dosage.

2016 gave me the end of my saturn cycle, thank god, and finally gave me confidence in myself.

2016 made me realize that the only thing that you need in life is


And if you can have those everyday, you have all you need in the world.

The Dark Side of the Force, aka Microbial/Biological Warfare part 1

I have not written a blog in a long while, and to whomever could care, I apologize. I have been learning so much in the last few months since June, and been so busy changing our lifestyle and diet so much, that having the competency to write things down seemed like an impossible task. I have been researching my body symptoms since June. Anyone reading my blogs since than can see the more informed and medically oriented that they have been.

I am successfully now informed enough with my body and my symptoms that I can finally share whats been going on, its taken 2-3 months of strictly reputable medical links to convince me of what is actually going on in my body, and unfortunatly it is the most disturbing results that I have come up with. Things that I could have never imagined or dared to have a nightmare of is going on, and its not something I think that all my readers will want to hear.

So here’s my fair warning; If you like or love, or participate in any of the following things do not read any further in this blog.

Eating Gmo Foods

Drinking unfiltered water

use synthetic cleaning products in your house

use synthetic body products on your body

use pesticides on your plants

taking over the counter or prescription medication that isn’t organic

eat food dye

eat processed food

eating excessive amounts of processed sugar and soda

sitting in inorganic furniture and surrounded by synthetic paint on your walls ( I cant help this one myself but this will soon change…)

Now that I know that your an informed person, because only informed people know not to do those things, maybe then I can share with you what is going on without the risk of sounding insane, but I know there is that inevitable unavoidable risk so here goes anyways.

Whats really going on :

It was in 1826 that French physician  Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote:

Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es. “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

In the last 76 years in American History we changed our diet from good food to processed food and now our bodies have changed.

Here is an livestrong article to explain about the difference,

So since the 50’s what has changed?

Only one explanation GMO foods and crops and the rise of the Dark Side of the Force.

oh maybe I could loose you there but here is some more detailed articles to prove that the dark side of the world is taking over fast then we think.

Morgellons Disease: The Geoengineering Epidemic

Could it be that since the first world war we have been fighting biological warfare and the effects of it? of course.

Here is a link to prove it from my very reliant friends Wikipedia

So here’s a list, of clues from the same article that show signs of biological warfare,

Common epidemiological clues that may signal biological attack

From most specific to least specific:

1. Single cause of a certain disease caused by an uncommon agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation.

2. Unusual, rare, genetically engineered strain of an agent.

3. High morbidity and mortality rates in regards to patients with the same or similar symptoms.

4. Unusual presentation of the disease.

5. Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution.

6. Stable endemic disease, but with an unexplained increase in relevance.

7. Rare transmission (aerosols, food, water).

8. No illness presented in people who were/are not exposed to “common ventilation systems (have separate closed ventilation systems) when illness is seen in persons in close proximity who have a common ventilation system.”

9. Different and unexplained diseases coexisting in the same patient without any other explanation.

10. Rare illness that affects a large, disparate population (respiratory disease might suggest the pathogen or agent was inhaled).

11. Illness is unusual for a certain population or age-group in which it takes presence.

12. Unusual trends of death and/or illness in animal populations, previous to or accompanying illness in humans.

13. Many affected reaching out for treatment at the same time.

14. Similar genetic makeup of agents in effected individuals.

15. Simultaneous collections of similar illness in non-contiguous areas, domestic, or foreign.

16. An abundance of cases of unexplained diseases and deaths.


So here we are in the USA trying to explain the fact that we are all sick in one way or the other.

I am scared to say, but every symptom I have in my body and looked up, can be linked to my body being GMO, and consuming GMO’s for so long made my body acidic and some say that an over acidic body is the cause of ALL disease.

Frankenfood and Frankencrops, lead to Franken-Humans. Which leads to an immune system that is virtually not there at all, and honestly makes us susceptible to just about every franken-zombie idea that they can think of to play with our bodies with.

If we go back to the list in the beginning I had you check off to read this and we go over why you would choose to not do those things, each and every one of those things can be linked back to biological warfare.

The chlorine and fluoride in our water, the pesticides in our food, the way that food is being produced and consumed in an uninformed level, the way that we use synthetic chemicals on everything and virtually are poisoning ourselves and  changing our bodies with every action into Franken-humans.

Programmable franken-humans now too. We as intelligent humans,  have come to realize we are open and transformed by any kind of biological weapon when we are not prepared and I am at least now informed so that I know how to be prepared for the next step.

Again here is an article about how far it has come and a amazing video to follow that can scientifically explain everything that I am trying to touch on.

Here is the video, its a presentation on our current situation that is truth from a scientist, I am currently mind blown that they would allow him to post this truth on the internet, but its all here to hear.


I hope that this post doesn’t loose any followers or change how anyone feels about me, this is only the identification of the issues and I am going to continue to post blogs on how to fight this dna change,.. and how to regain our human structure to be organic again and of the earth’s intentions and not man’s or alien intentions. I am hoping this information will begin to open a few eyes and hopefully create a better sense of community for those who have already opened their eyes, until next post and yes it will be a diy biological first aid kit I will be posting next, until then, beware, BE AWARE.


Boho Mom aka Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun



Weekend Coffee Share Part 2 “A Foodie Afternoon”

For this weeks coffee share, I have been thinking on a idea for a subject all afternoon as I cooked Brunch, then as a bullet it hit, me, I would just tell you about our epic Sunday Brunch and the musical Motivation that played during it.

So I have a Pandora Account; its the most extensive collection of awesome radio stations that I do not have to pay for, I love it. Lately I have been switching back and forth from a few great hit stations such as Duke Ellington Radio (I blame American Hustle for that), Billy Holiday Radio (remember in the Clueless Movie ‘Oh I love him’…lol) and from a crazy memory of my grandpa, Judy Garland Radio, (which honestly is the one that always surprises my husband when its on…heehee). I cannot help it, these oldie stations keep my anxiety down, especially when I am cooking. My son and I love dancing to Bo Diddley Radio and now I introduced him to some 50’s rock and roll and he loves it. So this afternoon has been a mix of a medley of all those oldies.

Sometimes I go back to my older stations like Rob Zombie and Black Sabbath and such stations, but usually only in the mornings when I am trying to stay motivated to not crawl back into bed and not cook. Today the boys suffered about a half hour of such metal music before the classic hits…its a musical house, with a very open mind.

I love baking to Duke Ellington and cooking to the Ella Fitzgerald Songs and such, its such a nice way to spend a beautifully overcast day here in the Bragg.

Anyways this isn’t all about the music, although I could not cook without it; I certainly pay the internet bill thinking that honestly its like paying for the music all day  and I am fine with that, I need music to stay sane. So yes, it was a musical morning, but I also made a few awesome brunch things that I must share. And I fully blame cable aka the food network for inspiring me to make french toast. I made some french toast this morning, the chef in the show I watched on t.v. added some oil to her french toast mix to thin it out, so it wasn’t so eggy. And by golly it really worked. I also used some leftover flat meringue mix for the french toast batter, and that helped the batter as well. I used about 1/3 cup milk, 3 eggs, 2-3 egg whites with sugar and a dash of oil and blended with my new handheld whisker. It blended so well, that I ended up making 2 batches of french toast; one for the boys and I to eat now and a second batch of a whole loaf of sourdough local bread to freeze.

Here is the picture of the batch we are freezing for later. They are from a local sourdough loaf of bread from the fort bragg bakery that I got from the food bank, although I had to cut it, it turned out great.


I also made a batch of Beignets; on request from my hubby, who loves them. I had to reduce the recipe as I only had 1 1/2 cups of pancake mix for a usual recipe that calls for 3 cups. So here’s the reduced Beignet recipe 1 1/2 cups pancake mix and 1/2 cup of water. It will come off the bowl easy then roll it out and cut.

Here are the glam shots of that.

20160424_133004 20160424_133007 20160424_133041 20160424_133250

So although most of the time I think I do not have much to be writing about, I always realize that my life is paradise and I live in heaven and everything I cook and do is worth sharing because it make me and my family happy, and maybe some of my recipes could make your family happy too .


NaProWriMo Day 9 ‘Fearless Peom’

I like to sneak spoonfuls of Ice Cream from the Gallon when no one is looking,

I like to watch snarky bad Comedy Videos on YouTube when no one is looking.

I like to sing out loud to music, Dance Strange and Bang my head, when no one is looking.

I like to invent recipes up in my head, sending signals to my hands that I do not understand, until its all done and cooked,- when no one is looking.

I like to think I know how to organize, putting things away in neat piles, which is really just a mountain of stuff-when no one is looking,

I think I may be smart, strong, beautiful, flawless, and even funny-when no one is looking…


But when you look at me,

when you are the only one in the room with me,

when we are alone together;

I get so weak that I cannot think,

I get so high that I am in another world,

I get so taken away that I do not know where I am,

I get stupid, I get speechless, I get dumb and childlike,

when you are looking at me.

You bring me to feel so cherished and loved;

so much said already that I cannot say more,


I cannot speak on our love,

its too sacred to speak of.


NaPoWriMo Day 3

I often wonder what it would be like

to be a celebrity,

Having lots of money,

and having others do things for me,

but then I think of all the things

that I do for myself,

Cooking, Cleaning, taking care of my family

well those things are becoming priceless to me,

I wonder if I were famous

if I were to forget what makes me me?


“Fire, grab what you can…!!!!”

My most prized possesion, ah what a simple question for a dailypost; My memories/photos and computer at this point, but I am also an art hoarder, and book hoarder..ehem book collector.

If we were to have a house fire, which I actually do think about alot,(-since a nearby apt exploded while we were home when we first moved into this building…) I am sure I would let most of the art burn, but I would grab photo boxes, our terrabite (which holds alot of photos in it) and my computer,(which enables me to blog), and I would grab my ‘special box’ of books. which thankfully I am trying to keep organized in one small box, as my favorites.

If we did have an disaster happen, we have a “bug out” bag in the living room of survival supplies, it keeps us more assured to have a well stocked bag, just in case.