6/22/2015- Mexican Dirty Rice


Today not everything I made worked out. Not every day do I have fantastic baking days. I did have a success or two today while cooking, but sometimes the mistakes weigh harder then the successes and I will admit, I don’t feel so good about making mistakes. But that is one reason why I am making this commitment to blog, because even I make mistakes,.. in fact I make a lot of mistakes.

Good thing about my day were finally showing my husband my blog page. I know I said I wouldn’t blog about anything but food, but this is a huge step for me. Sharing with my life partner what I do, and he was actually interested in the development and growth of my Boho Mom brand. I love my husband, sharing this now with him feels like coming out of a turtle shell and being alive.

Now to get back to the food. I made krusteaz waffles again for breakfast, again in a rage. I don’t know whats been wrong with me lately but mornings have been hell. About after having about 3-4 cups of coffee, I finally got to my senses and started cooking. I realized that my “wannabe spanish rice” leftovers were in the fridge, needing some help, or they would face the garbage.( I say “wanna-be” ’cause I didn’t add enough taco seasonings to it the other day,) I grabbed some chorizo and half an onion, a bag of shredded cheese and went to work.

Mexican “Dirty” Rice:

1/3 cup cooked chorizo

half of a diced onion caramelized with the chorizo

2 cups leftover rice

1 cup shredded cheese (save ½ for top)

Salsa to taste

Combine Cooked chorizo with onion with leftover rice, mix thoroughly, add 1/2 cup of cheese mix well.

Pour into casserole dish, top with ½ cup cheese left and dallops of salsa. Bake until the rice is heated and cheese is melted, about 20-30 min on 350.

Mexican dirty rice in the pan
Mexican dirty rice in the pan
bowl of rice
bowl of rice

I fed my family and a guest and everyone was happy with the made-up recipe. I am sure not going to always have a cookbook on hand to tell me what to do, but it sure as hell works to have some cooking instinct. And I am just happy that I didn’t use any eggs, normally when I make chorizo I use 4-5 eggs to go with it. I did end up suggesting breakfast for dinner, so I did end up using some eggs with dinner anyways.

So here goes my first failure confessions and for this one I am a little mad.

I decided to make some fudge, and thinking that my homemade sweetened condensed milk was going to work, I flavored it with some cocoa and poured it into a lined pan. I also made a batch of caramel to add to the top. I poured the caramel onto the condensed milk to try to make a chocolate-caramel fudge. I wish that I knew that my condensed milk wasn’t condensed enough, because I wasted my good caramel on it. Anyways, after setting for a few hrs, my fudge is still jiggly and wobbly, so I think I may just end up with some yummy fudge-caramel Popsicles instead..

Here is the easy recipe I tried to use. It will probably work for you.


Not that I don’t like popsicles, but I really wanted to learn how to make fudge. Next time I will just buy some condensed milk. Apparently my homemade batch was thick enough for ice cream, but not for fudge.

Now for confession #2.

I made breakfast for dinner. Since I didn’t want to dirty much dishes, I decided to make bacon in the oven, and hash browns-baked. And then make bisquick waffles with peppered bacon gravy. I made the bacon on a cooling rack over a tinfoil wrapped cookie sheet, much like I made my short ribs a few days ago. I use a cooling rack so the heat is distributed to all sides of the meat. I baked the hash browns and bacon at about the same tempurature. I pulled the bacon out first, and it was done perfect, and I turned off the oven. I made the waffles and made bacon pepper gravy. I even made some eggs on the side. I served the plates with bisquick waffles topped with bacon, topped with flat eggs and topped with gravy. Everyone loved it.

But I forgot about the hash browns!!!

When I finally remembered, that I forgot to take them out of the still cooling down oven, they were so crispy and done that they were only fit for charlie.

Charlie is our dog.

And that is how I learn from my messing up today.. ta..da.. how did your day of cooking go?


6/21/15 Ice cream with meringue

“Blog a Day” Foodie Challenge Day one

June 21 2015

Today is Fathers Day. I tried to start the day right today, but had a little bit of a bumpy morning. I tried to get coffee served on time and I ended up making a later breakfast of Krusteaz belgian waffles in the waffle maker.

Its the 2nd week of having food this month, I say. In our house we do not get our food stamps until the 10th of the month, so I see the month as a little askew. I know that the 10-17th we will have our best week of cooking all month, and the 17-24 the 2nd best week and so forth. I realize things are bad when I resort to waffles for breakfast. We must have had a great first week this month because I am down to the frozen cooking packages of bacon and we are out of the small frozen packages I make of breakfast sausage. So I made waffles. And not in a good mood either, but feeding everyone makes me feel better, even if I cannot eat that waffle mix.

Smelling those particular waffles cooking always reminds me of cupcakes though, I am not sure why. Maybe its the fluffy way the krusteaz waffles come out of the iron. They just remind me of cupcakes, and they smell so good while cooking. I took the time while everyone was eating them and doing other things to throw together some “ Fathers Day cupcakes”. Taking inspiration from the waffles and some of the waffle flour, and using the last of the meringue I had leftover from making pies yesterday.

Here’s the ingredients I used but I dare to say this is the only time I have made these thus posting the recipe could be bad, for it worked for me and it may not work for you,.. lots of variables go into cooking and especially baking so bare with me as I make up crazy recipes as I learn how to cook.

“Fathers Day Cupcakes”


1 ½ cup flour

1 cup Krusteaz Belgian waffle flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons cocoa


2 eggs

1 tbs vanilla extract

1/3 cup shortening

2/3 cup sugar (you can cut this down to ½ cup or less, depending on your taste)

Fold into batter:

3-4 whipped egg whites (meringue)

mix dry. Mix wet. Mix wet with dry well. Fold in egg whites. Pour into cups 2/3 high and bake until toothpick inserted comes out clean. About 15 min on 350 degrees.

fathers day cupcakes
fathers day cupcakes
moist and fluffy inside
moist and fluffy inside

And this was just my morning. Before making those I took out the last pie crust dough out of my ridiculously cold fridge to defrost a bit, cause it was hard as a rock. I am waiting for that to roll into some kind of rhubarb-strawberry treat and may not do a pie, cause I am staring at most of yesterdays pies not eaten in front of me.. we have mostly blueberry left. And cupcakes, so even though I baked on a whim, I still need to use the ingredients I defrosted to bake some more.

I am also planning a Fathers Day BBQ dinner for my man, I am steaming some peeled red potatoes now for my best whipped mashed potatoes in the world and gunna chop some carrots for some maple glaze-carrot roast, and also defrosting-boiling some bone in pork chops to bbq in a few. Its getting late so I will finish this after dinner.

Its now after dinner and boy did I cook a lot. I made BBQ slow cooked pork out of schwans butcher cut -bone in packages of pork chops, by slow cooking them in BBQ sauce in my casserole dish in the oven, they stay moist and everyone loves the slow cooked affect. I also baked some carrots in a cast iron with a little bit of water and some maple syrup. After steaming the red potatoes in my rice cooker, I added some butter and half and half, salt and pepper and whipped it to perfection. Whipped steamed potatoes are better then boiled and mashed any day. And my family loves them so much!

daddys dinner plate
daddys dinner plate
serving dinner
serving dinner

I also made a strawberry- Rhubarb streusel topped pie. I cooked the rest of my frozen schwans strawberries with the stalk of rhubarb that I got from the food bank on Friday. I cooked them down until they were mushy with some sugar. Added some corn starch and stirred the lumps out. I rolled out my pie crust that took forever to defrost, and put it into my new tart pan. My neighbor just gave it to me. I added the cooked strawberry mix into the pie crust and folded over the sides. I added some streusel that I had saved from another recipe, and baked until the pie crust sides started to crack and look golden. Thankfully I was able to make this pie at the same time and temperature as the pork and carrots. While that all cooked I made some buttercream frosting for the fathers day cupcakes.

assembling pie
assembling pie
pie all done
pie all done
cut pie
cut pie
perfect filling
perfect filling

Easy Butter-cream frosting:

Cream melted butter and powdered sugar ( amounts depend on how much you need), if too dry add some half and half, if too wet add some corn starch.

frosting with buttercream
frosting with buttercream

And now to get to the ice cream. Yesterday I made a batch of sweetened condensed milk, with about a ½ a quart of half and half, some sugar, a dash of vanilla extract, and a lot of butter. I reduced the mix in a sauce pan until It was half the size I started with. I saved some and used the rest to make creamy vanilla ice cream.

I also had some ripe plums from the food bank and a few tangerines, I poached the plums chopped in some boiling simple syrup and then blended it up with some oranges in the blender. I saved some of this mix for a unique summer flavor for the ice cream.

Combined with some leftover meringue from making strawberry and blueberry meringue pie yesterday, I managed to make an incredible ice cream.

Without an ice cream maker!

No Churn Plum-Orange Ice Cream

4 cups sweetened condensed milk

2 cups soft peak meringue (egg whites)

Fruit flavor about 1 cup frozen

Combine fruit flavor and condensed milk, whip until foamy with bubbles. Add soft peak meringue and whip until bubbles are through out. Put into a freezer container and cover and freeze overnight. Makes about a quart of ice cream.

vanilla-plum ice cream
vanilla-plum ice cream
vanilla plum ice cream
vanilla plum ice cream