Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun 2016 Plans

I have not blogged in a long while. My only followers aka my mother have probably been wondering, what have I been up to? What have I been cooking, and serving the family? A whole lot of artisan fun actually, from thanksgiving to my birthday which was Jan 2nd, I have been a crazy creative person in the kitchen. But I have not been able to write about much of it.

Why, for my surface pro computer is broken, I thought it was just my keyboard, until days ago, I replaced the keyboard, tried to connect it, and it did not work. The depression is indescribable, I am finger typing on a glass screen right now, just to purge a blog outta my head, just to prove I am not done blogging, and will never stop cooking.

Now I suppose the nice thing to do would do be to share 1000 pictures to show you what I have made, but alas, another blogging problem I am facing is stopping that from happening. My blog is almost full I mean like 80% of my free data is taken from blog pictures of the past. Now I have only had this computer and blog since November 2014 and on my year anniversary, November 2015, everything dies, my keyboard port and my range of data to use.

So now the new plan for the new year is to Clean out the blog, god knows ALL my pictures are not the although I have been making all sorts of crazy things I wanna share; made up recipes like white caramel, to popcorn balls, and even chocolate bark and now I am even making #beetpowder treats like Beet pasta and beet flavored meringue,..I CANNOT flood the blog until I clean it out, aka purge old photos from experiments past. I do not know how long it will take to do this. But I will try and get it done asap, I have however been trying to keep up posting on Facebook since November, and you can see all my photos since Nov 2015 there.

I got so many foodies presents for Christmas, so I have a lot of new toys to share, from a pasta machine, pasta tree, immersion blender and a whole lot more, so stay tuned I will get working on this blog, I will purge the photos from before, and I will get back to posting daily recipes asap.

I think I for sure will come back to daily blogging with a new section called ‘recipe a day’ and share something each and every day that’s new. I hope every one had a wonderful thanksgiving, Christmas and new year. I sure am enjoying cooking since Christmas, and I will post ‘pasta’ how to’s, ASAP, I promise.


Apple Spice Cake with an Adventure in Apple Flour

So I have not blogged anything in a really long time. I have a surface pro tablet and broke my keyboard and have not been blogging since. But since breaking my keyboard I have become more fluent with my on screen keyboard typing..its very awkward and odd but I am trying to get used to it. I am trying to stay ergonomic with it, and not finger type, but its still really slow and not effective.

But I am going to blog for the sake of blogging anyways. Just to be fresh, just to let you know what my favorite holiday recipe is so far. Because its so versatile and yummy. I have so far tried it with a few variables and yesterday even gluten free, and it still worked out fine.

The original recipe is a food network sponsored ‘giada’ recipe, here is the link for it.

I was sitting at home bored one day, and turned the food network on and it was Giada’s holiday special for thanksgiving; I had to watch it for the cake she showed in the previews, looked and sounded divine.

Apple spice walnut cake, I mean just the first 2 adjectives got me. I love spicing my apples and I always seem to have a ungodly amount of them so, I knew upon hearing its title, that I had to see it made and see how easy it was to execute.

I had to wait a minute for the cake part of the show, but finally she was making the cake. She was chopping some apples from the transition from commercial and had a good bowl full of them, when she added the wet ingredients one by one. Maple syrup, eggs, oil, wait I have all these things, like all the time too. It was getting me excited. She put the ‘wet’ bowl aside and made a ‘dry’ bowl of flour, baking soda, baking powder and a nice splash of my favorite spices; cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. The pure simpleness of this recipe and the fact that it did not use butter, got me hooked.

Then she grabbed the wet bowl and ‘Gradually’ added the dry mix into it. If there is two things you really learn the definition of while baking its “gradually” and “patience.” If you add your dry too fast you can get lumps. I have learned the term gradually whilst baking many things; meringue, you cannot add the sugar too fast or you can deflate the peaks of the egg whites.

Anyways seeing her create the cake so easily, in only 2 bowls with just a wooden spoon to mix, well that made me try making it later that day.

I made that cake so fast and so easy, even subbing a few things; like not having a bundt pan for one, but for 2, I only had generic maple not organic. I mean maple flavored corn syrup, so instead of the called for 1 ½ cups I used less than a cup of maple syrup, just for the flavor. I also did not have walnuts, so my recipe was without them. Also I almost forgot, I subbed some applesauce for oil, I hate using a lot of oil.

The first time that I made the cake I used all fuji apples. Everyone loved the cake so much that I was more then impressed. I prematurely cut into one cake and iced each slice with swirls and then iced the other one with one large swirl.

Here is a picture of the first attempt. It made two rounds which I iced with buttercream icing homemade.

my creations
my creations
glamour shot by my husband
glamour shot by my husband

Upon trying this loverly creation of mines, I realized that apples were not the only fruit that melded well with this spice mix, so the next attempt at this recipe for cake I used zuchinni and raisins instead of apples and walnuts. That one, was an even better hit I believe and I had way more taste testers who all loved it a lot.

Here is the best picture of the zuchinni version of this cake.

zuchinni version
zuchinni version

Also yesterday, I made the most inventive version of this cake recipe that I have tried thus far, and the picture will not do it justice, so I must indulge. I made this cake recipe gluten free. I had some oatmeal on hand from the food bank and some dehydrated granny smith apples.

Don’t ask me how but my first and foremost thought getting dehydrated apples is making them into apple flour. I know I am a little crazy. But I have been researching flavoring baked goods with fruit powder and finally I had the opportunity to make some. I have been looking for some cheap freeze dried fruit to do this with food stamps, but running into this bag of dried apple chips at the food bank was the next best thing.

So I did what any good mom would do and saved 4 snack bags of apple chips for the boy…then I pulsed the rest. I made about a cup of very fine and sour tasting pure granny smith apple flour, I was very pleased with myself. Then I figured I would stay gluten free and pulse some oats for some oat flour as a base and bake with the apple flour as a flavor and a binder. I added the usual apple cake ingredients but used the gluten free apple and oat flour and even chopped up a whole bunch of mini golden delicious apples from the food bank as well. Actually I added too much apple this time, and I cut the oil by using ½ a cup of applesauce. The cake still comes out very moist.

Here is a picture of that attempt. Very moist, very interesting medley of flavors, you can taste the spice blend, you can taste the granny smith, you can taste a hint of maple, and certainly you get a mouthful of apple chunks.

apple flour cake
apple flour cake

Conclusion is I love this apple cake recipe and I will be making fruit powder aka dried fruit flour again asap!!

Reflections of me..

I have made all effort to make this webpage reflect what I stand for.

I have constructed everything from my name, my home page, my theme, my categories and all my posts to reflect what I would like to represent in life. This is my ideal Self that is represented here.

I am a Mom, who lives low income and on Food Stamps and I am an artist-writer/overall creative person. I showcase my creative efforts here in a WAY MORE ORGANIZED manner than Facebook. I came over to WordPress with a page title the same as my way older Facebook page here:

I started my Facebook page with the same name in 2012, when I was learning so much ways to local food from the farmers market every week, and I wasn’t paying for any of it. Food stamps and generousity of others supported my family then, and I learned a whole lot directly from the farmers that were raising and growing my food on how to cook it.

I started this blog in November 2014 when I realized that I had so much information to share and now years worth of photos on Facebook to round up and organize and I had no place to do it.

So I started this page, and the first blogs that I wrote is a reflection of how I wanted to be represented to others.

Here are a few of my favorite early blog examples:

I also came to realize that the recipe research that I conducted on a daily basis, when I get free food that is new to me, is so extensive that it deserves to be documented and shared. I got weekly food from the farmers market before and now I get free produce weekly from the local food bank.  Most of the time when I was asked a question on Facebook on how I came to realize how to cook certain things, I had already lost the link, and now I try to document each new thing that I make, so that I can reference it later in life, for myself or others. I have a whole category on my “ingredient breakdowns”, in my menu if you want to check out some of those well researched blogs.

I also am trying to branch out a bit more lately with this blog and showcase some of my art & writing skills. I have been an artist and a writer since I was a young child and also studied each extensively later in life in Junior College. I have joined Blogging University to prove to myself that I can appropriately write about any subject that is thrown at me, and so far I think I have been doing pretty well. I am going to try my best to keep posting my creative writing as it comes to me, I do have the courage to have a pretty nice “Poetry” category in my menu. And to be honest I am pretty proud of my recent poetry, enough to post it on the internet at least.

So if that doesn’t explain enough, just look at my clean design, ready for long and lengthy content- like my writing; look at my awesome menu that is navigable and clear to read; check out my blogs that are more low income foodie authentic then anything; check out my sidebar which last night I worked hours on adding a “Sweet and Savory” photo gallery to; check out my tag cloud on the bottom of the page that showcases the things that I have most written about, and more importantly remember that I am the one and only Boho Mom!

In response to today’s daily post challenge “Mirror Mirror on the wall”

9/22/15 Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

Happy Birthday Boho Dad! ❤ ❤

Today I made Ice Cream cups. The other day I was thinking of making them and now that most of the berry curd-meringue treats are eaten, I decided to make another dessert for the family. That and its my husbands birthday tomorrow, so I wanted to have something special to snack on anyways.

I had the idea from a recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s show, she made cookies and cream cups in the freezer easy to eat for her boys before she took her girls on a college trip. It was such a great idea; to have already made, ready to eat ice cream cups. I decided to make my own version with what I had.

I did not have Oreo cookies, or anything like them. But I did have leftover pulsed animal crackers from the other day when I made curd bars. So I used that with some melted butter and a bit of shortening and I crumbled in the fat with a pastry cutter. It was a good consistency then I put it into cupcake liners into a cupcake pan. It filled up about 2/3 of each cup. Then here was the fun part.

I took a round ice cream scooper, an old fashioned one, as a presser to mold my cups. I pressed the crumble into the foil liners and made walls with the round edges of the scooper in each one. I thought I did pretty well, and I had some really smooth looking cups here. I wish I would have taken pictures of this step.

Then I froze the cups until they were set. Then I took the giant vanilla ice cream bucket we got from schwans out and I used the nice round ice cream scooper to put a scoop into each cup. Then I smoothed the ice cream down with a bit of finesse and pressure from the scooper and made each top smooth. I made sure to try and make the ice cream touch all sides of the cups in this step.

I also had defrosted and slightly heated up some raspberry and blackberries from my schwans frozen bag of them and then I scooped 2 berries unto each cup and some leftover berry juice. Then I froze them until they set again.

Here are some pictures of how they turned out.

ice cream cups in molds
ice cream cups in molds
topped with berrys
topped with berrys

Aviary Photo_130874464224515040

8/17/15 Homemade Pesto with Herb Butter Steak

The other day I made filet mignon, I thought I could make a treat for my husband which had asked for better steak last month. Unfortunately I tried too hard, I cooked it too long. I am not so good with expensive cuts, but I can work my way around anything economy like a pro. I do not see myself wasting food stamps again on such a good cut, since I did not cook it well.

I tried really hard and made some garlic herb butter and pan fried-basted it in the butter for a while. I already had some roasted garlic from my mushroom soup prep the day before. I added the roasted garlic into the pan, and pressed them down to open them. I also added some marjoram and basted the steak in the butter that soaked up all that flavor.

I already made some whole wheat noodles for dinner and added some mozzarella to melt into them and mixed some of my homemade pesto into it also, it smelled really good. I love my pesto. I wanted to make a nice dinner, since we had all gotten through as a family the first day of my son going to kindergarten. I was excited and wanted to celebrate at least.

I felt like I had cooked it ok, and I took the steak off the heat to cut into it. It was purple rare, and I cooked it some more. My husband should have looked at it, because I think this was the point I started to overcook it. Anyways, I enjoyed the meat and the pasta, and I steamed some cauliflower for a side which we all enjoyed also.

I did manage to snap a picture of the meal, but it was right before my camera died and I cannot find the charger to charge it up right now. I will post the picture as soon as I can.

Blog 100- Celebrating “Boho Mom”

A look back on Mom’s Organic Boho Food The Blog

I am celebrating 100 blogs, with this blog today!

It seems like I got to 100 really fast. After I hit number 50, they seemed to come to me a whole lot easier. I am getting used to writing on a daily basis, and its a really good habit. For both my soul and my blog, I now really enjoy writing each and every day. I have come to appreciate what I call “first drafts- final drafts,”- that seem to come to me almost every time that I sit down at my computer to blog.

I do seem to plan an idea for what I could write about, most of the time, but I do end up writing whatever comes to mind about that idea, without much editing. I do however, try to break up sentences, like I would normally with that run on, in the beginning of this paragraph. I like run on sentences. Comma’s are my friends. I have come to appreciate my own personal writing style, even if no one else does. I like that I write my blogs, as if I am writing a letter my best friend. Always staying friendly, personal and completely authentic.

I am also a humble cook. I know I am still learning ways around the kitchen and trying to always retain information is something that is hard for me. I write down some recipes. I change some recipes. I do not change some recipes. I just basically do the best that I can, to feed my family and myself-well. I try and keep it local and organic. I try and take as many pictures as I can, so you can see what I am doing. I try and share as much as I can, so we all know how alike we are, both in what we eat and how we cook. We can all learn together if we all share together.

I am happy to announce also that my artistic husband is now contributing to the blog, with design input, some cooking, and especially some great HD photography. He is a great photographer and now I realize can make the best corn bread you have ever had.

Now my son is 5, and today is his second day of Kindergarten. I am so cray cray excited and nervous for him, that I don’t really have words for all the emotions for how I feel about him going to school. I am both happy and sad, I am both nervous and excited, I am just speechless.

I also have a few hours now to myself and with my husband now, which so far, has led to some really nice naps and a whole bunch of catching up on blog writing. Sometimes, you just need that time to think in order to write. Yesterday, his first day, I caught up on 4 blogs, during the time he was in school. It helps to concentrate.

I dedicate this blog and my Facebook page, to my son Elijah, and I always have done it all for him. I do not think I would have ever realized how precious our bodies are to take care of and hold and love and always, always feed it good food, unless I produced another human being. I realized how important my temple-body was, realized how precious his little baby body was and realized how much my husband’s body were important the moment he came into life. Watching food inc. , when he was about 6 months old affected us also. We changed our lifestyle meeting farmers at the farmers market and changed our whole way of eating.

I started this brand when Eli was 2 years old, realizing all of his needs and ours were being met simply by attending the farmers market and having food stamps. I was amazed that we could eat this good so low income, and I wanted to share the experience. I started the Facebook page, in sync with my art Facebook page, ‘LaureNemo Arts’, and I bloomed from there.

I never realized how much this brand would change my perspective on life. I am a new person, because I have to carry around the Boho mom brand. I am a better mom, because I hold to myself the Boho mom brand. And I love being Boho mom. It was only a few years into my brand, that a friend of mine, dubbed me, “Boho mom” and I fully embrace the title.

Every time I get depressed, its honestly my family first and my brand second, that pull me out of depression. I realize that my family loves me and needs me, and also that I started something online that I cannot walk away from, cannot simply just stop being “Boho mom.”

I hope this page, could possible help some one one day, as much as it helps me. I actually do not care much, (I said much), about my stats, and how many people read my blog. I care more about if it affects anyone, or actually helps anyone. I just do this honestly to help myself remember some recipes and how I cook some things. I also do this to have a virtual cookbook, which one day I could make into a hard cover cookbook, that I could sell.

I am not sure if anyone reads these long of posts, but if you do, tell me about how my blog or Facebook page affects you, and what you like about it. Just leave something in the comments section. I would appreciate some feedback on this milestone.

Now that I have hit 100 blogs, I felt like looking back and celebrating on my journey. I will celebrate and look back again, when I get to 150 blogs. I hope that you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing them.

Celebrating Mom’s Organic Boho Food Fun

I used to live in Santa Rosa. We used to love to go to the downtown book fair and see all our local authors. I even guest judged a teen poetry slam one year. I love seeing the book van, that goes around town with books for kids. I even realized my life dream their one year. I wanted to self-publish a book.

I met a lady named Nina Amir, their that wrote a book called “How to Blog a Book”, and it changed my whole perspective on self-publishing. I never got to pick up the book, or read it, but the initial concept clicked. I am a writer at heart and once I found the right subject, I could self-publish; MY DREAM, by simply just blogging! It was an amazing concept.

Only when writing this now in 2015 am I looking up her guided blog advice on Google, but her idea stuck with me. I will blog a book. I have been self-publishing since my teens online, through venues such as Livejournal and Yahoo Geocities and Myspace, way before the invention of Facebook. Once Facebook came around, I developed 2 brands for myself; one through my artwork and another through my cooking. I couldn’t wait to figure out how to write a blog and create a brand for a book.

I worked on my art brand for quite a while and myself and my living situation for a few years and put this concept on the back burner. What would I possibly write about? How could I come up with content ie articles for the blog? Do I even have it in me to make enough blog posts to write a well written book? I wondered this for years.

I have finally gotten to a point in my life that writing blog posts is required for my sanity. I blog about my second Facebook brand now, my cooking brand. Mom’s Organic Bohemian Food Fun, which I created in 2012. I sort of created it as a Junior College extra credit Marketing assignment. We were studying the use of keywords in businesses and how they work for your brand. I found my keywords that I identified with my personal brand were organic, bohemian, and food. I also was a new mom, and Mom is a very trending word in marketing also. So I created my Facebook brand and my page which focuses on my organic food fun that I create as a boho mom. I certainly got the extra credit, and I also gained about 600 friends since then over that name and brand.

Now since November 2014, I started my Boho Mom blog. What will I call my book? I am still working on that one. How to live on EBT foodstamps organically, How to live Food Bank Fabulous, How to cook Bohemian food fun on a budget,.. Still deciding on the possibilities. All I know now is that content is key, and producing just as many blogs as possible to later sift through for a book is what I have to do. So I also created a crutch for myself, to ensure I am always blogging I created a “Blog a day challenge” for myself, that no matter what I cook that day, I will blog about it. I do not plan doing this forever, but as long as I am a budding blogger, I will try to keep it up.

Today I am going to celebrate 2 things for the blog. I finally have 50 blog posts after tonight. I read once that Google will only be able to index you after you have 50 blogs. So I have been running to that magic 50 number for months. I am finally there. I even got a new theme that is really clean reading and navigation-able for my blogs. You can now click the top and find certain things like a section for “Tips and Tricks in the Kitchen” and a “Ingredient Breakdown” section which honestly I think have some amazingly written blogs, so go check them out if you have not seen them yet.

The second thing we are celebrating today is buying a domain name! Yay! You no longer have to type in after my site name. Its now and I am so happy! I could not be happier! Hip hip hooray for finding a subject I love to blog a book with. Hip hip hooray for hitting 50 blogs to be indexed by Google. Hip hip Hooray for having my Domain! Yay!