Calendula Salve

Today I made Calendula Salve.

Here are a few links about Calendula, If you did not know about it already.


The Ingredients that I used were:

Infused olive oil with Calendula Petals 2 small jars

infusing Calendula Petals
infusing Calendula Petals

Shea Butter


Coconut Oil



I melted each of the ingredients together in amounts to my own preference.

I used more Beeswax to keep it really hard and make sure it will stay a while.

I used small amounts of Shea Butter and only a teaspoon of coconut oil for this batch.



hot orange salve on the stove
hot orange salve on the stove

I poured the hot oil into clean containers and let it cool down.

Here is a picture of the finished product.

Calendula Salve
Calendula Salve

I only used Petals for this batch to see if I could make a more ‘orange’ color and I am very happy that indeed it turned out a nice gold. My previous Calendula Salves I have used both the petals and the leaves, as you can see in the infusion pictures that I have a jar of leaves sitting, but the leaves do make the salve green.


Healing Skin Salve with Beeswax

I wrote this in 2013 when I lived off grid, and I am finally sharing my secret recipe.

Today I am going to share with you my special Skin Healing Herbal Salve recipe.

Its a DIY maker thing you gotta be a maker to understand. =)

I made this last fall with spring ingredients and as many possible ingredients from my own backyard.

I want to share with you my recipe and my methods as to show you the many things you can do with herbs and Make your own skin care.

First I will share with you the benefits of my Beeswax salve. I use for scars and healing and next time will add a few more things, please let me know what you would add or omit! I am open to suggestions!

Benefits of Boho Moms Beeswax Herb Skin Salve in scientific terms:

Demulcent-Relieves inflammation

Antiseptic-stops purification

Emollient-softens and soothes inflamed parts

Rubifacient -increases circulation and produces red skin

Nervine- stops nervous excitement

How I made it, and List of wonderful ingredients : Flowers, spices and bases.

Ingredients & steps :

Spices infused in small amounts into olive oil for 6 weeks:

Cayanne (Red pepper, Capsicum),

Ground Ginger,

Tumeric/Goldenseal root,

Alum root with a little cream of tartar,

Cinnamon bark,

Flowers infused into small amount of olive oil for 6 weeks:




Calendula petals and flowers and leaves



(optional ****) I had a jar of Cannibus leaves infused into olive oil large jar, and used this strained as a BASE.

BASES & Last steps;

So I Strained everything separately into their own jars, I had a little jar of infused spices very red and orange, and a jar of infused flowers slightly bigger for more essential oils and a large jar of Cannibus infused olive oil, and some beeswax…what next?, well just heat up a large outdoor style pan, I went really old school and used open flame (like camp stove style) (wheres the rocks? and heated up equal amounts of all the oils and then added like 5:1 Beeswax,. And then wait to cool, some books say 8:1 beeswax its a preference. I prefer more oily skin salve, but the more beeswax you add it means the harder your salve will get..and then while its still cool I like to pour into containers for later use when I know its a good consistency, a good way to test it is stick a wooden spoon into it and set it to cool for a min, then test it, if it needs more, add more! ❤

Boho mom aka Lauren Vier

healing salve
healing salve