About me

Hello, my name is Lauren. I love good fresh organic food. I am a low income mother, and I buy most of my food from EBT Food Stamps. I also live Food Bank Fabulous. I would consider myself a rich “Freegan” when it comes to the free fresh produce I get each week from the Food Bank.

I made this website to showcase some awesome tips and tricks in the kitchen I have learned on how to cook, bake and make the best organic food. You can also find some great recipes here, both in links to other great foodie blogs and my own from scratch recipes.

The menu above showcases some of my favorites; Family friendly recipes, Kid friendly recipes and even some of my husbands favorites that I put into a Dads favorite recipes page.

You can even find some personal writing and poetry here, I love creative writing in any form.

You will also notice I have a “Blog A Day challenge” page, where I blogged each day for 90 days what I made. I did this daily from June 2015-Sep 2015.

I hope you enjoy my website and you can always find more foodie fun on my Facebook page with the same name that I have had since 2012.

Thanks for stopping by-

Lauren Vier aka Boho Mom


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I have been visiting your site and I came upon these articles –
    .I am studying to be an herbalist and have some feedback about the use of Fennel. I was wondering if this contact form is the best way to forward you a couple of suggestions?


    Stephanie Gillespie

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